Changsha IFS and Fleur Pavilia wins Merit Awards in QBA 2020

Changsha IFS and Fleur Pavilia wins Merit Awards for the Quality Building Awards 2020
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Date: June 2, 2020
Source: Quality Building Award 2020 (QBA 2020)

Results of the biennial Quality Building Award (QBA) 2020 has just been announced, with the theme being “Transforming Communities – Build with Heart and Care”. We are honoured to share that two of our projects, both the Changsha IFS and Fleur Pavilia has won the Merit Award respectiviely for the catagories of ‘Building Outside Hong Kong’ and ‘Hong Kong Residential (Multiple Buildings)’. Big congrats to the team!

Transforming Communities: Build with Heart and Care…
“For this year’s award, the organizers hope to reinforce an important truth – that quality buildings are built with
heart and care to serve people’s needs first, while transforming communities for the better. This also provides
a platform for professional building project teams to be recognized for positive contributions to the
community through high quality building work.”