Founded in Hong Kong in 1963, the Wong Tung Group of Companies (WT) has established a proven track record in providing master-planning and architectural services for large scale projects in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland and the Pacific Rim Region.

We are committed to quality, leadership and excellence in the service we provide. WT is an award-winning practice and recipient of many awards for its projects, including those from the American Institute of Architects (HK Chapter), Architectural Services Department, BCI Asia, HK Green Building Council, HK Institute of Architects, HK Institute of Engineers, HK Institute of Landscape Architects, HK Quality Building Awards, World Association of Chinese Architects and many others. Our projects are frequently featured in numerous international architectural journals and magazines.

In addition to the head office in Hong Kong, we currently have three offices in the Mainland China located in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The Beijing office is also the Group’s national class A Design Institute, Wong Tung (Beijing) Architects Co., Ltd. , previously known as Zhong Tian Wong Tung International Engineering Design Consultants.



Our experience spans a broad spectrum of typologies ranging from residential, commercial and hospitality projects in the private sector, commissions from Government to special or end-user based buildings such as educational institutions, hospitals, R&D offices / laboratories, smart factory and infrastructure-related facilities etc.



Our design approach is underpinned by the exploration of new ideas and processes, appropriate use of technologies, and our commitment to quality and care with our natural environment; and we balance it with efficiency and cost effectiveness.

As design professionals, we strive to find the most optimal solution for each project in response to its physical and cultural contexts, and the aspirations of our client. The practice’s founding principles of quality, innovation and sustainability continue to shape our work today, reinterpreted and enlivened by the resourcefulness and creative talent of our project teams and exemplified by the projects as illustrated.R&D offices / laboratories, smart factory and infrastructure-related facilities etc.