Futian Shangri-La Hotel |

Kerry Plaza

Shenzhen, China

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Futian Shangri-La Hotel
Kerry Plaza

Shenzhen, China

This project is a 6-Star flagship hotel, locates in the southern part of the CBD at Futian, Shenzhen between Fu Hua Yi Lu (褔华一路) and Yi Tian Lu (益田路). The project comprises of a 42-storey hotel tower, a 5-storey podium and a 3-storey basement. The hotel tower reaches a height of 191m with the podium standing 23.5meters above ground, while the basement is 14.325meters below ground floor level. The total accountable GFA is 85,000sqm.

The high-rise hotel tower is the focal point of the development. The ‘inflated’ square shape plan softens the rigidity of a normal square plan geometry, giving a 3-dimensional quality yet maintaining efficiency at the same time. The tower is tapered in elevation forming a false perspective, and increasing the sense of height.

The building exterior uses a high-quality glass and aluminium pins curtain wall system which establishes a transparent and lightweight high-tech image. The use of Low-emissivity IGU helps to reduce light pollution to the surrounding environment, as well as reduces air conditioning load and the interior lighting power consumption, achieving the goal of sustainability and energy saving in the design concept.

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