CCRE Centre

Zhengzhou, China

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CCRE Centre

Zhengzhou, China

The site is located on the south side of the Zhengzhou Qinghuayuan Stadium. With the high visibility of the site and its prominent location, this new 240m CCRE Centre is designed to be a marquee anchoring this new development district.

The development consists of a 50-storey 240m tall office tower, a 2-storey retail podium with a 3-level basement for a supermarket and a parking garage. There will also be a 4-storey stand-alone exhibition center.

The challenge of this project is to design not only an unique tower that can anchor this new development district; but an icon that can reflect the corporate identity. As described on the company website:- “ A Corporation in the Society is like a Tree in the Soil”.

It is the intent of the design to express the tower, which will be the company’s headquarter, as a metaphor of a tree, in direct reference to the company philosophy. The tower takes on a sculptural form that zigzags upward like the tree trunk of the redwood sequoia reaching up to the sky with a commanding presence - as an image of growth and prosperity.

A series of sky gardens articulate the façade. They transform into an atrium at the top of the tower, serving as a lobby to the corporate headquarter.

The retail podium is expressed as a series of ribbons that weave like the root system of a tree.

The Exhibition Center is designed as a jewel that accents the site.

Total above grade GFA is 186,000sqm - including 128,000sqm of offices, 17,000sqm of retail and 4,000sqm of exhibition spaces.

Project Details